Passenger Van Rental in Washington, DC

The nation’s capital is truly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. Quite frankly, it’s the perfect place to visit as a group. Since there are so many wonderful things to do in DC, it might be more fulfilling to create memories with others. Student groups, for example, can visit the many museums or galleries associated with the Smithsonian Institution. Other tourists who aren’t visiting for school-related purposes can do multiple things on the Potomac River. Individuals can join the Potomac Paddle Club, where they can cruise the water while being social with others. Another option is to go paddleboarding on the water and take an Instagram-worthy picture. Of course, visitors who want to do any of these things will need transportation to get there. Luckily, Landbird has the best passenger van rentals in Washington, DC. Our variety of large vans and SUVs can accommodate any size group who wants to see the city. What’s more, we make things super convenient for tourists to pick up and drop off our vans. Below is the address where you can locate us:

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
3220 Prospect Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
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Once folks secure one of our passenger van rentals in DC, they can do a city tour to learn more about the area. There are so many historic places to see in Washington, DC. Folks can take pictures of the White House and walk in the steps of former presidents. As historically rich as DC is, the nightlife is incredibly fun, as well. Tourists can take their passenger van rentals from Washington, DC, to one of the area’s fabulous restaurants. With their stomachs full, visitors can go to the Lincoln Theatre or Henry’s Bar for a drink. The important thing to remember is that Landbird vehicles are here to take guests wherever they want to go.