About Us

The long and winding road of Landbird


We first began renting cars, trucks, and vans to the Boston area in 1989. The company which operated under a number of brands quickly became known as the local neighborhood provider of quality sedans, SUVs, vans, and moving trucks for rent.  One location became seven across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.


In 2011, the company rebranded as Adventure Car and Van Rental and expanded its reach to 11 locations across the New England region with a focus on providing high-quality, fully loaded passenger vans.  At this time, the company adopted GPS, telematics, remote-entry, and e-sign systems to take advantage of the technology being developed for ride-sharing in the local Boston tech community.


In 2019, Adventure Car and Van Rental became Landbird, a reflection of our growing focus on group auto rental serving a wide range of customers, from friends and family on vacation to businesses, church groups, bands on tour, sports teams, bridal parties and more. We chose the name Landbird for its sense of freedom, familiarity, ease, steadfastness, and security. It reminds us that the journey can be just as rewarding as the destination, especially when it’s easy, comfortable, and shared with great family, friends, or co-workers.


Today, Landbird provides contactless pickup, return, and delivery of SUVs and Vans across the New England region. No matter how big we grow, our dedication to high-quality, high-value auto rental will remain unchanged, along with our dedicated customer service and our unwavering attention to the needs of our customers.

What others are saying

Having a designated driver and keeping everyone together made the trip as fun as the time itself. We had a blast just driving. With remote pick up and everything done online it was as easy as it gets.

Alice C Baltimore, MD

Driving back late at night after a fun day at 6 flags with a van full of teens rocking out to the pandora playlist playing through the bluetooth enabled speakers.

Dean T Worcester, MA

We really have a blast in the vans, the kids name them, and they truly feel they are their home while at camp.

Jenn H Londonderry, NH

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