10 Festivals You Must Attend This Fall in Massachusetts

Who says you can only have a good time during the summer months? We all know winter is the holiday season, but fall has plenty to offer too. Autumn is far too pretty to be stuck or cooped up in the house. Don’t let the summertime be the only season where you take a vacation. There are ten festivals in you Massachusetts you must attend this fall.

The Big E Festival

Kick it off the right way with The Big E Festival, commonly known as Eastern States Exposition. This festival is a New England autumn tradition and is the ninth largest fair in North America. It holds the title for a reason, too.

The festival takes place in early September, where you can see vendors and entertainers from all over. Some of your favorite artists might even make an appearance, and the dates for the festival make for great weather. In early September, the summer air still lingers, and that fall chill is right on the cusp of making a presence.

Organizers make sure to have a notable lineup each year for guests to enjoy a variety of entertainment, and they make it a point to include at least one major surprise each year. Around every corner, you’ll find something to grab your interest. The festival runs into October, so you have plenty of time to make the trip.

Boston Local Music Festival

Unlike The Big E, the Boston Local Music Festival only runs for two days. This short window only means you shouldn’t take too long to decide if you should go. We’ll make the decision for you: GO! During these two days, you will see some amazing local artists and discover new untapped talent.

A variety of music plays here, from indie to rock and pop. There is never just one style of music. Boston recognizes all the potential and amazing artist has to offer, so they made it their business to supply these artists with a platform to share their gift.

If you’re tired of listening to the same songs on your phone and the radio has gotten boring, perhaps you should take a trip to Boston so you can diversify your playlist. Getting a passenger van rental in Massachusetts is the only way to do this trip and make your way to this festival.

Boston Local Foods Festival

Who doesn’t love to eat? No one. Everyone loves food, and for good reason, too. Take a trip to the Boston Local Foods Festivals, so you can feed on some good eats. Don’t let the name fool you, either.

This event is all about cultural cuisines and learning about food sustainability. Unlike the Taste of Chicago, here, you’ll get education as a side dish. The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts teaches you about sustainable approaches regarding food, from gardening to cooking.

Fall Fest at Chatham Bars Inn Farm

At the Fall Fest at Chatham Bars Inn Farm, you can take a stroll through the farms and fields of the 8-acre farm. During your walk, feel free to enjoy some delicious libations and make a toast from the cocktails. There are four creative and master chefs on the premises that will make you a meal to die for.

Bing Comic Con

For comic book lovers, Bing Comic Con takes place in October, and it allows you to experience an expose of comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, and film. There are dealers and artists from all over the region, so you’ll have plenty of variety to look through. You won’t find a better place this fall to indulge yourself in a world of fantasy.

Boston Comedy Festival

Laughter is the best medicine, and if you’re in need of a cure, then you need to visit the Boston Comedy Festival. The festival features hundreds of comedians from all over the world. It’s a four-day event that promotes smiles and laughter. It is truly a festival solely dedicated to providing you with a good time.

Fluff Festival

When we say fluff, we aren’t referring to your fur babies. This is the fluff in the marshmallow jars, and if you’re a s’mores lover, then fluff is the next best thing. The event celebrates the invention of fluff, and it features musical performances and cooking contests. Test out how great those s’mores are.

Apples and Agriculture

Spend a day bobbing for apples and experiencing the joys of agriculture and harvesting. As the name suggests, apples are all over the place during the festival. You can stuff your faces with some homemade apple pie and many other recipes that contain apples.

Boston Book Festival

For all you book worms and lovers out there, the Boston Book Festival is the place to be. There is no better place to meet, discuss, and form new relationships with people who share your same interests. This festival takes place in October, and during this month, you have the opportunity to participate in contests, debates, and discussions.

The festival bases its philosophy on “stimulating, agitating, uniting, and inspiring” writers, readers, and publishers. Books grant us new worlds to escape to and being surrounded by like-minded people further concretes this point.

Literature will always be popular no matter how advanced technology gets. There is nothing like sitting in your favorite spot with a good book and letting the rest of the world fade away. Take this trip so you can indulge yourself more in your passions and a world of words and scrolls.

Castleberry Fall Craft Festival

The Castleberry Fall Craft Festival happens at the best time of the season, right at the end of October. Of course, during this time, Halloween is in the air, and it’s the height of autumn. If you’re looking to redecorate your home or office, or if you’re simply looking for a gift from someone, this festival needs to be your next stop.

Here, there are over 150 artisans who sell American-made arts and crafts. Some sell floral arrangements, and others sell toys and folk art. The list of items really is endless. You’ll see aroma therapy items, ceramics, candles, hair accessories, quilts, kitchen wear, and much more.

You really don’t need to step foot in a store for a while after you spend two days at this festival. You’ll stock up on so much supplies that you won’t know what to do with it all. If you’re stuck on finding a gift for someone, take a trip to this festival and get unstuck.

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10 Festivals You Must Attend This Fall in Massachusetts