3 Incredible Benefits of Renting Vans for a Day Camp

Multiple children in one place can turn into a chaotic experience easily. Day camp is a prime example. There is excitement in the air for countless reasons. With all the movement and activity, you need to find a way to transport all your kids safely and efficiently. We’ve got three incredible benefits for you to rent vans for your day camp.

1. Makes for Better Bonding

Passengers bond on the open road. It’s a fact. OK, maybe not a fact, but it does happen. Camp is a time for kids to participate in new activities, make new friends, and enjoy their summer vacation. You can ensure all these points happen with passenger vans.

Believe it or not, being in close quarters with each other will help your summer camp kids bond and form friendships. You can organize a game for everyone while taking a trip. School buses are a little too spacious and leave extra room for some of the introverts to sit by themselves.

Our passenger vans at Landbird hold up to 15 people. It’s spacious enough for everyone, but with enough limits to encourage your kids to share and bond with one another.

2. Better Entertainment

School buses offer only so much entertainment. In fact, they offer none. On your day trips, you want to keep everyone entertained. Passenger vans come equipped with amenities to capture everyone’s attention.

There is Wi-Fi inside and some even come with screens for you to play games or watch TV. Kids love technology, so provide them with a transportation option that caters to this love.

3. Plenty of Storage Space

On some days you might not just be packing up your day campers. Some activities and locations will require you to bring along some supplies for them. For example, if you planned a day at the beach, you need plenty of room to bring along many items.

You’ll need chairs, beach toys, possible sporting equipment and, of course, a couple of coolers to hold refreshments. We have passenger van rentals in Manchester, NH spacious enough to hold the campers, their gear, and whatever else you want to bring along for them.

When you take trips with your campers, you want to ensure you have everyone in one location and you want them to enjoy the ride along. Check out the vans we have here at Landbird to help you accomplish this. After you rent one, you might find more benefits than the three we listed to renting vans for your day campers.