3 Types of Transportation All Assisted Living Homes Need

When it comes to our seniors and those with disabilities, everyone needs to provide a helping hand, especially when it comes to transportation. Simplifying residents’ daily activities is just the tip of the iceberg because assisted living requires extensive care. For optimum safety, there need to be three types of transportation all assisted living homes need.

On-Site Transportation

Before we even get outside, those who require assisted living need to be able to move around their buildings safely. Depending on how much assistance they require, it’s best to supply them with machines that can effectively move them from room to room.

You want to ensure residents can move around without assistance. Modes of transportation like powered wheelchairs and scooters work fine. Seniors specifically need powered ones because they shouldn’t risk injuring themselves by maneuvering the chair or scooter manually.

Scheduled Transportation

Scheduled transportation is when a resident calls for a pick-up, and a utility van escorts them wherever they need to go. The van also returns them home, so they don’t have to worry about finding another ride.

It’s best to find a utility van that can fit them and their wheelchair or scooter if needed. The van needs to be spacious and comfortable to accommodate the passenger. Schedule these vans to act as their personal chauffeur. At Landbird, we provide passenger van rentals in Rhode Island that can operate effectively for those who reside in assisted living homes.

Public Transportation

Public transportation, as the name suggests, is for the public. For this category, consider using a bus instead of a van. They operate about the same, but the key difference is privacy. Most facilities investigate this option for group activities.

If multiple residents need to visit the grocery store, church, or other venue, the bus can transport them all at once. Passenger vans might be more suitable for individual doctor visits because every resident won’t be on the same schedule. However, things like grocery visits and trips to the park are perfectly suited to the size of a bus.

For a comfortable life, assisted living residents should make great use of all these resources at their disposal. Shop with us so you can purchase one of the three types of transportation assisted living homes need. For more information, visit our website.