4 Church Events That May Require a Rental Van

Churches do a lot of good for the community, and members of churches even take their work outside of their community sometimes. When you plan for out-of-town trips, you want to ensure all your ducks are in a row to have a fun, safe, and fulfilling trip. First on the checklist is transportation. You want to ensure everyone gets to the destination safely and in good spirits. Here are four church events that may require a rental van.

Seasonal Retreats

There are seasonal and weekend retreats that happen all year round for churches. You can count on them to be out-of-town and last at least an entire weekend. All this adds up to a van rental. The rental can transport everyone to the retreat in one go.

Members can arrive at the church and park their car in the lot and prepare to load into the van. The rental also works in case members will need additional transportation while at the retreat. They won’t have to look for other ways to travel because the van will always be on hand.

Youth Charity Trips

It’s always good to give back to the world, and it’s even better when the youth do it. Churches have youth trips that can involve several youth members to visit a new community for an extended period and performs acts of charity.

Sometimes they travel for a food drive or a coat drive. Whatever the case is, renting a van is ideal because it leaves everyone with enough room. Depending on the number of members attending, you may need to rent more than one to fit the supplies collected and the members. At Landbird, we have rentals that fit up to 15 passengers for maximum comfort and space.

Mission Trips

Mission trips spread far and wide, and you never want to force members to find their own mode of transportation, especially if the group ends up traveling far in the continental US or abroad. Mission trips have the potential of occurring in Canada or Mexico.

A 12-passenger van rental from our New Hampshire location can accommodate your travels. Manufacturers designed the vans sturdy enough for the road and with enough gas mileage to last. Additionally, there are amenities in the van to keep everyone entertained during the journey.

Annual Conferences

When it comes to the annual national conferences, you want to team to arrive looking uniformed. Coming in separate cars does not send a wrong message, but it does make room for disorganization. Traveling in one vehicle makes it easier to communicate important messages with the group.

If there is an itinerary or last-minute reminder everyone wants to go over, they can do so inside the van. The van always makes for a good meeting-up point. You can always refer to the van if you want to decide on a meet-up spot for the team.

We’ve got rental vans for church events and so much more. For more information, visit our website.