4 Reasons Why Passenger Vans Are Perfect for Day Trips

When you travel with a big group, one of the biggest frustrations is deciding on the mode of transportation. You don’t need to take a plane if you’re not traveling far, but you do want to choose an option that accommodates everyone and gets you there safely. Consider these four reasons why passenger vans are perfect for day trips and mini expeditions.

Reason 1: Money Saver

With a passenger van, you don’t need to worry about everyone in the group purchasing their own travel tickets. Everyone rides in one vehicle, and you don’t need to concern yourself with certain additional costs. But there’s more to this money-saving perk—if you rent a passenger van, you don’t need to worry about racking up miles on your personal vehicle. Additionally, once you finish your mini-vacation, you can drop the van off and not concern yourself with the maintenance aspect. Passenger vans also get good gas mileage, so you save a bundle on gas.

Reason 2: Extra Space

In a group, you need to ensure everyone is comfortable. Passenger vans can hold up to 15 people, offering adequate seating for everyone and enough room to fit all the luggage or gear. Even with a high number of seats, you will still have plenty of room to move around the van as needed. The vehicle’s structure also provides enough space to enter and exit the van without disturbing other passengers.

Reason 3: Off-Road Driving

If your travels take you to a location with rougher terrain or hiking trails, you need a vehicle suitable for that environment. Manufacturers design the vans with a more compact and slim shape, so they can push through soil and rocks and navigate narrow roads safely.

Reason 4: Amenities

Another reason why passenger vans are perfect for day trips—they come with features that set them apart from other vehicles. During your day trip, entertain yourself by accessing the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. The group can sit back and enjoy their show or movie of choice before arriving at their destination.

In addition to the hotspot, the van comes equipped with a multimedia system and touchscreen. You can play games, watch shows, and more. For safety purposes, the vehicle comes with blind-spot assist mirrors to promote safer driving.

Choose a destination that offers endless activities and beautiful views for everyone. New Hampshire has hiking trails, impressive museums, theaters, parks, and more. Consider a passenger van rental while visiting Manchester, NH—you and your group will not be disappointed.

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