4 Ways To Bond With Friends & Family During Long Road Trips

Summer is a great time to embark on an extended road trip. All the scenery you pass along the way helps to make for a beautiful journey. But since you have such a long journey ahead of you, you should make the most out of it. Use a long road trip to bond and get closer with your friends and family.

Play a Road Trip Game

You all have plenty of time on your hands, and instead of using it to stare out the windows, come up with a game that everyone can participate in. You don’t want the game to be too simple because it will be boring. You also don’t want to overcomplicate things because your companions might get frustrated.

Find a happy medium, so that everyone can enjoy. For example, have players try to spot specific landmarks or types of cars and offer prizes to the person who wins (such as front seat privileges until the next rest area). This idea will keep everyone excited until the last stop!

Listen to an Audio Book

Books help people escape to another world. Imagine what listening to one during an extended road trip can do. Everyone gets a chance to travel to that other world together when you put on an audiobook. Reading does not have to be a one-person activity anymore.

Find a book you know everyone will enjoy. Make it an adventure or a gripping mystery. Either option will keep everyone in the car in suspense and on the edge of their seats. Before you know it, you’ll have arrived at your destination.

Take a Different Route

Another way to bond with friends and family during long road trips is to make a couple of detours on the road to your destination. You don’t need to stick to the route the GPS tells you. Since you’re making such a long journey, you can afford to veer off course a little and go on a mini-adventure.

For example, if you plan to travel down Route 66, you have so many places you can visit along the way. You’ll make the trip so much more enjoyable if you slow down and seek out points of interest along the way. Research some of the stops you can make and include them in your expedition.

Have a Picnic

Everyone bonds over good food. Sitting down for a relaxing meal is perfect when you want to get to know someone better. If you’re traveling with family or lifelong friends, you might already know each other well. But this does not mean you can’t make your bond stronger.

Choose a designated rest area and bring a picnic along. Taking your own food also gives you freedom as you drive and prevents you from having to eat overpriced gas station snacks. Add some nutrition to your adventure.

During a long road trip, you want a vehicle that gives everyone enough legroom so no one feels cramped or crowded. If you’re in the New Hampshire area, consider a passenger van rental from Landbird, so you can all stretch out and enjoy the ride.

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