A Quick Guide to Contactless Car Pickup Services

Contactless processes have become the way of the world as a result of the current pandemic. We’ve been told to keep six feet apart from each other and limit hand contact. Naturally, with a rule like this, public transportation doesn’t sound too appealing.

Luckily, you don’t have to subject yourself to this option. If you can get items delivered to you at a moment’s notice, why not do the same luxury with a car pickup service? If you’re not familiar with how contactless car pickup services function, here’s a quick guide.

Book a Reservation

Booking a reservation is so much more reliable than ordering an Uber. On those days when you can’t find a driver and traffic is off the charts, those apps have the option of canceling your ride if it inconveniences them. You won’t have that problem with contactless car pickup services.

You make a reservation to get picked up at your desired location, and it stays intact without risk of cancelations at the last minute. These services are more reliable because you have an agreement set in place before you even enter the vehicle.

Curbside Pickup and Drop-off

With curbside pickup and drop-off, you get picked up and delivered right at your front door from the same vehicle you started in. Instead of ordering a new car for the ride home, this one sticks with you until the end.

Staying in the same vehicle gives you peace of mind when it comes to reliability and cleanliness. You won’t worry about the driver having a clean car. Hygiene matters more now than ever, and you don’t want to gamble with your health. It also just feels better to build a rapport with your current driver instead of trying to get to know someone else.

Multiple Stops

Because this service picks you up and brings you home, it also sticks with you throughout all your errands. You state how long you need to utilize the service and state the places you need to visit. If you are planning a day trip with your friends, booking a car service is best.

For instance, if you want to accommodate a bachelorette or bachelor party, having a car service as your mode of transportation makes the most sense. At Landbird, we have passenger van rentals in Maine built to hold up to 15 people. You’ll have more than enough room for everyone, and enough time to hit all the stops you plan to make.

Contactless car pickup services have become as popular as food delivery services. Don’t miss out on this luxury experience!