Best Local Getaways from Philadelphia – Shad Fest and New Hope, PA

New Hope and Shad Fest

Clocking in at just around an hour from Philadelphia, the sister river towns of Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA form an eclectic community with a vibrant local art scene, top-notch restaurants, and charming riverside bed and breakfasts. On any given weekend, it’s a top 10 getaway with friends or family.

But once a year it becomes a must-visit destination – when Shad Fest takes over downtown Lambertville.

Wait, Who or What is a Shad??

The American Shad is the largest fish in the herring family. Every Spring, they migrate from the ocean to fresh water to reproduce in what fisherman call “the shad run” and the Delaware river is chock full of them.

Shad Fest began as a way to use the abundance of fish to highlight the local art scene – with an entire street festival built around the annual harvest – and has since grown into a multi-day arts, crafts, music, and food bonanza with a cult following.

Picture of Shad Lemonade Punch stand at Shad Festival
Make sure to try the Shad Punch Iced Tea or Lemonade at the Festival this year (Photo credit to

Shad fritters, shad sandwiches, smoked shad, shad-on-a-stick, even shad punch are some of the ways you can try the main ingredient, but even if fish isn’t your thing, there’s a ton to see, eat, and do. Local artists are on full display with everything from posters to jewelry to furniture. Local bands are playing street-side throughout the weekend. And with plenty of ways for kids to join the fun, including an entire “make your own crafts” area, you’ll definitely want to bring the whole family. Just don’t forget to get your official Shad Fest t-shirt before you leave!

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What: Shad Fest 2021
When: October 9-10, 2021
Where: Lambertville, NJWhat: Shad Fest 2021

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