Guest Transportation Tips for Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are great. You and your partner get to travel to a new location to begin a new journey together. But because both you and your guests will be out of your element, you need to consider a few things. You want to ensure everyone has a way to get to the location and that nothing gets lost in translations. Check out a few of these guest transportation tips for destination weddings.

Book in Advance

Just like you book your wedding venue in advance, you need to do the same for your wedding’s transportation options. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to schedule shuttles for your guests and your wedding party.

The minute you know you’re going to have a destination wedding, start researching transportation options. Once you make plans with the transportation company, notify your guests. They need time to plan and organize themselves for the transportation options.

Consider Airport Arrivals and Departures

Why subject your guests to finding their own Uber rides when you can provide them with a large vehicle rental to transport them to and from the airport? The phrase “destination wedding” implies a bit of travel for everyone, so it makes sense for you to provide the accommodations from the beginning to the end of the trip.

At Landbird, we can help you schedule airport pickups and drop-offs for your guests and wedding party. This option ensures everyone can get to their hotels safely and arrive at your wedding on time and together. You don’t have to worry about delays with these shuttles.

Accommodate Your Guests’ Needs

You want to make sure you hire enough vehicles to accommodate all your guests. Don’t over-stuff the vans and pack your guests in like a can of sardines. Rent as many vehicles as you need to ensure everyone is comfortable.

If you have guests with special needs, take this into consideration too. Wheelchair users and elderly individuals will need more room than other guests, so try to limit the number of passengers that will be riding along with them.

Communication Is Key

Keep the communication lines open with the drivers of the vehicles, the transportation company, and the guests for your wedding. Everyone needs to be aware of arrival and departure times so that they don’t miss the boat, so to speak.

You want to ensure the driver is aware of each location they need to travel to. You also need to notify your drivers of any guests with special needs. Finally, provide your guests with any emergency numbers they may need because trying to get in touch with you on the day of your wedding will be close to impossible.

Following these transportation tips for your destination wedding will ensure the day goes off without a hitch. This is just one more thing that you can check off your list!