How To Create Family Memories on the Road

Everyone is so wrapped up in technology these days. Parents often complain about their teens staring at their phones all throughout dinner. Adults are no better, though, often checking their work emails after hours. As a result, it’s important for families to unplug every once in a while. And what better way to do that than to go on a road trip? This guide on how to create family memories on the road will help parents and kids unplug so that they can enjoy the present moment.

Play Games

A road trip isn’t a road trip without some games. Driving games are great ways to create memories as a family. Consider playing the A to Z game to get the kids off their tablets. Everyone in the car has to announce when they see something that starts with the letter A, and this continues until you finish the alphabet. The first one to complete the task wins! The game will keep everyone engaged in the present—plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

Families that want something a little more old school can play I Spy. In this game, a passenger spots something on the road and presents the others with a clue. For example: “I spy with my little eye… something red!” Using that clue alone, everyone must guess what the person spotted. I Spy is a classic, and you’ll certainly create lifelong memories while playing it.

Make a Playlist

No road trip is complete without the perfect playlist, so another tip on how to create family memories on the road is to create a joint playlist. Before you hit the road, have every passenger add songs they love to the playlist. Then, you’ll hear everyone’s selections as you cruise along. Kids will have a blast hearing what their parents used to listen to back in the day. What’s more, parents will get a kick out of seeing their children jam to the newest tunes. Who knows—someone might grow to love a song they’ve never heard before. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, years from now, the song came on at the kids’ weddings? The whole family would be required to run onto the dance floor.

Stop at Attractions

As fun as road trips are, you have to get out of the car eventually. Stopping at roadside attractions is an excellent way to create family memories. Check out the map before you hit the road. Are there any sites someone is dying to see—the world’s largest ball of twine, perhaps? (You can actually find this in Cawker City, Kansas!) Everyone should get to choose a must-see spot before you start driving so that you have a plan in place—although spontaneous spots should always be welcome, too! You could end up talking about the attraction for years to come if it really sparks your interest. (Also, who doesn’t want to see the world’s biggest ball of twine?)

Take Pictures

Everyone wishes their memory would last forever. Sadly, life gets in the way and fills our brains with work assignments and scheduling. As a result, you should take as many pictures as you can on your road trip. Snap photos when the kids are trying not to let their ice cream drip in the car. Of course, you need photos of all the attractions you visit as well. How else will you convince everyone how huge that ball of twine was? You’ll be grateful to have the mementos when everyone’s older and the initial memories of the trip have faded. Also, parents can use these pictures down the line to embarrass their children in front of future partners.

Share Stories

As we mentioned, everyone is obsessed with their phone these days. Consequently, families don’t talk and share as much as they used to. Luckily, the road is the perfect place to share. For example, parents can tell their kids the story of how they met. Additionally, grandparents can share their life stories so that people can learn about history firsthand. Don’t be afraid to get emotional, either. Sometimes, people just need a designated area where they can open up and let go of their emotions. Everyone should be respectful of the space and designate the car as a safe, judgment-free zone.

It’s okay if the conversations aren’t emotional, though. Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear about what’s going on in everyone’s lives, since things are typically so busy. Catch up as a family! Siblings, your brother or sister may have had major life developments you didn’t know about. Parents, this is an opportunity to ask the kids how things are going—and they can’t leave the room! Hopefully, you all have meaningful talks that bond you as a group and create lasting memories.

This guide on how to create family memories on the road proves that the car is as good a place as any to bond! When you go somewhere on vacation, getting caught up in the hoopla can be easy. You’re always doing something, and there’s very little time to actually connect. The opposite is true when you go on a road trip. There’s nothing to distract you from each other, so you can come together and create memories. Start by playing games to lighten the mood and put a smile on everyone’s face. Also, don’t forget to make a killer playlist that the family can enjoy for years to come. Stopping at attractions and sharing stories are other ways to pass the time.

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How To Create Family Memories on the Road