How To Have a Safe and Fun Road Trip With Your Pet

Have you been having trouble organizing a road trip with your friends? Is it difficult to get everyone’s schedules to match for some summer fun? No problem. There is one friend who works around your time—and they never have any prior engagements because you take up their entire life.

That’s right, your fur baby is the best travel companion out there! But before you two embark on a new adventure, check out these tips for having a safe and fun road trip with your pet.

Before Trip Checklist

Before you hit the road there are just a few things on the checklist you need to run through. Since you’re bringing your fur baby, you need to ensure they are prepared to take a long trip with you. Proper preparation before the trip makes for a more joyous adventure.

Clean Bill of Health

First on the list is a trip to the vet. Your fur baby needs a clean bill of health before taking them on a long road trip. Even if your pet is not sick or prone to getting sick, having the vet sign off on the trip is better safe than sorry.

Do the standard check-up and have your veterinarian look for any potential issues that could cause a problem. Ask them for some additional medical tips on driving long distances with your pet. They might be able to tell you the healthiest and safe way to travel with your best friend.

Proper Vehicle

Between your gear and your pet’s gear, you’re going to need ample room. Plus, if your animal is used to walking around and stretching its legs, then you need a car spacious enough to accommodate your and your best friend’s needs. Lucky for you, at Landbird, we have the exact vans to get the job done.

Check out our passenger van rentals in Portland, Maine so you can have enough space for you and your best friend. Our van can seat up to 15 passengers and all their luggage. Needless to say, we can handle you and your fur baby. You’ll probably need to pack quite a bit for you both, so come browse our vans and see which one is a better fit for your trip.

Lodging Accommodations

You have a destination in mind. When you get there, you want to make sure that both of you get greeted with open arms. If it’s not a camping trip, make sure the lodging you find is pet-friendly. Most hotels accommodate pets now, but you never want to assume.

If you plan to rent your own housing, make sure they don’t have a “no pets rule” and that the area is safe for both of you to reside in. It might be better to rent your own housing. During the road trip, your fur baby is cooped up for hours on end. Making the last stop a place for them to roam free sounds like a good idea. After all, they can’t do much running in hotel rooms.

Essentials To Bring

Now it’s time to pack—and pack smart! You might need to upgrade some of your pet’s everyday equipment because traveling means going to new areas that neither of you is familiar with. Naturally, you’ll need to bring along supplies that keep you both in each other’s orbit.

Food and Medication

Food and medication are first up. What’s a road trip without snacks? And you don’t really want to feed your pet the food you get from the gas station; you probably barely want to eat it yourself. Bring along a travel food bowl for them and plenty of water and some of their favorite snacks.

GPS Tracker

There will be moments when you pull over and stretch both of your legs; as we stated before, it’s not good to be cooped up in a car for hours on end. Plus, your fur baby will need to go to the bathroom. To prevent any stress or worry from happening, get your pet a GPS tracking color.

You can program these to your phone in case they get a little over-excited and take off on a run. The tracker works well for when you reach your destination, too. You should of course bring along their leash, but if you feel like letting them off for a bit and they don’t respond to your calls, you can use the tracker to hunt down their exact location.


A tracker is a great tool, but you’ll need a backup for your backup. Make sure you have all the proper documentation and identification for you and your pet. Have their names and your contact information on their collars or tags in case you two get separated.

If this does happen, people can contact and notify you claiming they found your pet. The documentation will help to prove your fur baby belongs to you, as well as help ensure that the good Samaritan who found your best friend isn’t giving them to some stranger.

Travel Carrier

Bringing a travel carrier is always a good idea. It gives them their own space and makes bringing them along easier for you. If you’re traveling with a smaller animal or a cat, then you need a travel carrier.

Puppies have energy, and it’s easy for them to wonder. In crowded areas, keep them in the travel carrier while you move from one point to another. Once you get situated, feel free to let them loose to enjoy the trip again.

Safety Harness Seat Belt

Remember that the name of the game for this road trip is safety. Have as much fun as you want, but make sure everyone is safe. Travel with a safety harness seat belt. You don’t need to keep your pet strapped in for the entire trip, but make sure to lock them in when the roads get more congested.

You’re probably a cautious driver, but accidents do happen. And if you’re wearing a seat belt, then it’s only right that your best friend has one on, too.


Finally, bedding. While you’re driving, your pet may very well might be sleeping. Make it a comfortable sleep and bring their bedding gear with them. You can lay down the seats or set them up in the trunk for a quick power nap—or cat nap depending on your animal.

If you prefer to leave their regular bedding at home, then browse around for some travel bedding and include a couple of their favorite toys so they have a little entertainment before downtime.

Who needs people when you have pets? That love really is unconditional, so gear up for a safe and fun road trip with your pet. Visit our website for more information.

How To Have a Safe and Fun Road Trip With Your Pet