Should You Rent a Car or Drive Your Own on Road Trips?

When you decide to go on a road trip, the first things you plan for include where you will go sightseeing, what hotel you will stay at, which notable landmarks you will visit, and which famous food stops you will dine at. But sometimes, people overlook the most critical element of a road trip: the vehicle. They are then left with the question: Should you rent a car or drive your own on road trips?

Many assume that taking their vehicle makes the most sense, and in some cases, it might. But since you have this grand adventure planned and mapped out, it might make more sense to start the trip off in style. If you still aren’t sold on the idea, continue reading.

Cheaper To Rent a Car

This probably sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. If you decide to rent a car, you keep your vehicle from racking up additional miles. Extra miles on your car can drive down the car’s resale value. Sometimes, renting a car for your vacation can help you save big in the future.

More miles also mean more maintenance for your car. The highways can get brutal, and whatever damages your vehicle endures from those extra miles will cost you when you visit the mechanic. Apart from this, some rentals have better gas mileage, so you save a bundle when filling up on gas. Plus, you can get to your destination quicker by making fewer stops.

Get a Car That’s Built To Last

If you drive a car that’s not even reliable on your local roads, it might not make it during your road trip. You need a vehicle that’s built for this adventure and ready to take on whatever you throw at it. This is not to say that you plan to drive recklessly, but you at least want a vehicle you can trust to get you from point A to point B.

Be mindful of your decision before you choose which car to rent. If this road trip includes multiple passengers, you want a vehicle equipped to handle everyone. You need something comfortable because sitting and driving for hours can wear anyone down. Consider looking into a multi-passenger van rental, and enjoy the extra space and amenities that come with the van.

The Final Destination

Depending on where you plan to end up, your car might not have what it takes to bet there. A trip to the snowy mountains requires a specific type of vehicle. Your everyday sedan is not up for that type of journey. Renting a car equipped for this type of travel is the best option.

Weather is unpredictable no matter how often you check it. You want a car that can withstand a change in the environment. You need one equipped for the type of travel and weather conditions you will experience upon arrival at your destination.

The same goes for a camping trip. Those road trips have specific requirements for travel. Don’t skip out on double-checking these requirements because you might ruin your trip. Having any vehicle malfunction can sabotage the entire vacation.

Here at Landbird, we know how difficult it can be to decide between renting a car or driving your own on road trips, and we want to help. Check out our website and start planning your summer road trip today.