The Advantages of Car Travel vs. Plane Travel

After a long winter, warm weather and bright skies appear again. Summer is the perfect time to plan a vacation, and while planning your getaway, you need to decide how you want to get to your desired destination.

Airplane rides may be the safest and fastest way to travel, but you miss out on so much. The summertime is the perfect season for road trips. The advantages of traveling by car versus plane go beyond experiencing an excellent road trip.

Flexible Schedule

Your departure date can get hectic, and you might have to accomplish several things before takeoff. After purchasing your plane ticket, you lock yourself in on a specific time and date. You must plan everything according to that time, and if you miss your flight, you’re already behind schedule.

If you drive instead of fly, you give yourself more flexibility in your schedule. You can take your time and ensure you have everything you need before your trip. If you rush through the process, you’re bound to forget something. Driving also gives you the option of staying an extra day. You don’t need to worry about making your return flight.

Pack as Much as You Want

Airplanes have rules about how much you can bring with you. Your bag can’t go over a 50 lbs. limit, or you must pay extra. Your carry-on bag also needs to fit in the overhead compartment; if it doesn’t, you’ll be forced to check the bag.

These rules put a damper on your trip before even taking off. When you drive, you have the luxury to bring as much as you want with you. You might overpack, but it’s always better to be over-prepared than underprepared.

Better Food

Airplane food rarely fills up its passengers—the snacks simply tide people over until they reach their destination. But those pretzels and little cookies don’t cut it for a long flight, and sometimes the limited selection flight attendants offer you don’t seem appealing.

You can always buy something at the airport before you board your flight, but the prices of that food might make you reconsider. On a road trip, you can bring all your desired snacks and stop at a diner or a restaurant if you want something more filling.

See More Country

One of the best things about a road trip is all the sights you get to take in. You only see the skies on an airplane if you luck out and get a window seat.

The best part of your vacation begins the minute you start your car. A passenger van rental in Maryland means you get to take the scenic route and admire all the sights. Loading up the car and hitting the open road allows you to see more of the country.

At Landbird, our vehicles are equipped to make your summer travels everything you want. In one of our vans, you’ll experience the advantages of traveling by car versus plane. For more information, visit our website.