The Ultimate Passenger Van Guide: All You Need To Know

Renting a passenger van for transportation is one of the safest and most reliable ways to transport smaller groups over short distances. You can use a passenger van for city day trips, road trips, work retreats, and much more.

Their compact size and ability to maneuver through tight spaces make travel easier. Before renting your passenger van, check out this ultimate guide to learn all you need to know about these dependable and spacious vehicles.

Makings of a Passenger Van

Manufacturers designed passenger vans with space and comfort in mind. This vehicle holds up to 15 people, including the driver. This many people sounds like a cramped space, but it’s not. The car’s interior holds plenty of room for everyone and any luggage they bring with them.

In a passenger van, you have two removable seats. The first type manufacturers bolted to the floor and designed for quick release. The second version requires more work for removing and installing seats.

In full-size van models, you have a center aisle in the interior. The aisles make it easier for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle without disturbing others.

In addition to the aisles, you can select the style of seating you want your passenger van to have. These vans have individual seating, or some refer to them as bench seating. Individual seating creates space for everyone. Bench seating takes away the option of one long seat in the back that usually fits only three people.

Purpose of a Passenger Van

Passenger vans have a unilateral function, so they work for better larger groups. These vehicles are versatile, and you can use them for ridesharing, carpooling, shuttle service special events.

Employee Shuttle

Businesses use passenger vans as a safe and cost-efficient way to shuttle employees to the office or from one destination to another. You can start a carpooling shuttle service for your employees to help them save on gas and time spent in traffic.

Establish a convenient pickup location for all your employees to help get your team into the office. The compact size of these vans makes for a fast fill-up and quick turnaround times. They get a few moments to relax in this smooth car ride before getting back into the grind.

You can also consider renting a passenger van for a corporate retreat. Instead of forcing your employees to travel individually, you can provide them with a van that gets everyone there at once. If you ever schedule any activities away from the central spot, use the van to transport everyone. You can also use the van for transportation during the trip.

Airport Shuttle

Airport pickup spots can get stressful. You try and purchase an Uber but can’t locate your driver with all the action around you. There is so much movement and activity constantly happening. Booking a passenger van as your airport shuttle eliminates stress and confusion.

You can also book a passenger van as a mode of public transportation if you have a lot of luggage. Large airports rent passenger vans to facilitate airport mobility better and offer travelers a convenient way to their hotels, events, or next flight.

Wedding Shuttle

Have you ever noticed all the activity that happens on a wedding day? You can spot at least twenty different people doing about twenty different things. Most of them make up the wedding party. The party needs to be at the exact locations of each other simultaneously.

A passenger van ensures everyone arrives together and on time. Whether you need them to start the ceremony or after for pictures, the van helps to keep everyone together. You can also use the van for your guests if you need to shuttle them back and forth between the hotel and reception.

Tour Groups

Passenger van rentals touring through Arlington, VA, have no trouble getting through congested areas. The passenger van is ideal for tours because it accommodates multiple stops. The vehicle is more compact than other group travel options, so it helps your group navigate through crowded cities.

Student Shuttle

Passenger vans work well for student field trips and college tours also. The vans help keep the group together, and everyone accounted for. The vehicles allow teachers and supervisors to keep an eye on their pupils and scan the entire group in one glance.

Sports Teams

You can’t win a sports game with your team without being on one accord. To accomplish this, all teammates need to practice team bonding. Some of the best times to do this are going to a game, sporting event, or practice.

During that car ride together, the team can go over strategy, play games, or make conversations. A passenger van can hold all members, the coach, and any equipment to come. The vehicle comes equipped with enough storage space for everyone’s things.

These vans have enough for everyone to stretch out and get comfortable after a long and rigorous game. The flowing AC adds a nice touch too.

Benefits of a Passenger Van

In addition to passenger vans having enough capacity to hold 15 people, the vehicles can also tow heavier items. The size, powerful engine, and robust design allow the van to carry objects up to 3,500 lbs.

The van can accommodate all cases if you need to carry some heavy equipment for a construction job, luggage for a bridal shower, or sporting equipment for a soccer team

Amenities in a Passenger Van

Depending on your need for the van, you should look into all the vehicle’s amenities. Air conditioning is the most common type of amenity in a passenger van, but others come equipped with an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot and a multimedia system with a touchscreen for entertainment purposes.

In terms of safety, the vans have blind-spot assist mirrors, an active lane-keeping assist that warns drivers when they unintentionally leave their lane, and a forward-collision warning.

At Landbird, we have passenger vans with so many amenities to ensure safety and an enjoyable ride for everyone. Our website has guides on these vehicles that tell you all you need to know. For more information, visit our site.

The Ultimate Passenger Van Guide: All You Need To Know