5 Surefire Ways To Keep Kids Entertained on Long Trips

“Are we there yet?” These four words can send shivers down any parent’s spine. Kids are rambunctious beings, and getting them to sit in a car for an extended period requires a lot of hard work. For this reason, adults should consider these five surefire ways to keep kids entertained on long trips. You’ll need all the help you can get.

Play Games

Car games are a blast and a great way to make family memories. Activities like “I Spy” will keep the kiddos quiet as they search for things on the roadway. In addition, trying to find one item that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet will definitely spark some competition.

Bring Electronics

Many parents prefer not to give their children electronics because they don’t want them to become addicted to their screens. That’s why only allowing electronic use during long car rides is such a brilliant idea. Kids will be more inclined to get in the van if it means they can watch their favorite show on Mom’s iPad.

Play Music

Who doesn’t love a car dance party? Your kiddos will have a blast jamming to their favorite tunes with their parents on a long car ride. Before leaving for your trip, consider making a playlist that includes songs the whole family will enjoy. Of course, you’ll want to include some throwbacks for the older folks, too.

Read or Play Books on Tape

It’s hard to get kids to sit still for story time, but they don’t have a choice in the car. Reading in a moving vehicle can be challenging, so books on tape are a great alternative that everyone can appreciate. Be sure to pick a book that everyone will like rather than one that appeals to only one person.

Have a Family Check-in

Let’s face it—life is incredibly busy. There’s barely any time to connect as a family between soccer practices and carpools. Time spent traveling could present a great opportunity to reconnect this year. Consider having everyone take a turn explaining what’s happening in their lives; you may learn something new.

These five surefire ways to keep kids entertained on long trips will help any parent who’s preparing to embark on an adventure. Another must-have for an extended trip is a large passenger van with enough room for everyone. Luckily, Landbird has plenty of passenger van rentals in DC to help resolve this issue. Book a vehicle for your next trip; you may end up saving yourself a few headaches.