7 Northeast Events and Festivals Worth Traveling To in 2022

Now that 2022 is finally here, everyone is hoping it’ll be better than the past two years. No one wants to be stuck in their homes anymore; they want to see their neighbors and friends. They want to get back to making memories—and one of the best ways to enjoy time with loved ones is by attending an event or festival.

Large-scale events have basically been non-existent for the past two years. Hopefully, things change this year. So, adventurers looking to escape the confines of their homes should explore these 7 northeast events and festivals worth traveling to in 2022. We all have high hopes that 2022 will be a year of fun experiences and good memories.

So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival (Salem, MA)

This event is perfect for people who love chocolate. On February 10th-13th, visitors and locals in Salem, MA can enjoy one of the best festivals of the year. First, there’s a chocolate wine tasting. After that, people can walk around and see all the beautifully crafted ice sculptures on display. Several artists with unbelievable talents allow the event staff to put their work up for everyone to see.

Once event goers have had their fill of looking at beautiful ice sculptures, they can visit the shops of Salem and scan a QR code to get special discounts on items. Everyone will make lifetime memories at Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Sculpture Festival, so it’s worth trying out.

Adirondack Balloon Festival (Queensbury, NY)

The Adirondack Balloon Festival is an event unlike any other. The festival takes place in early September, and it’s so spectacular that visitors will surely have tons of Instagram-worthy moments. Brave adventurers can ride in a hot air balloon during peak New York Fall foliage season. It’ll be an experience they’ll never forget. Those who don’t want to step aboard can look up at all the colorful balloons above them and grab some snacks while their friends fly among the clouds.

Acadia Night Festival (Acadia National Park ME)

Stargazing is such a peaceful activity—and the perfect place for it is the Acadia Night Festival in Maine. Many news outlets are reporting the loss of dark skies due to light pollution—so much so that Maine is referred to as the state that still has stars. So, people should consider attending this festival so they can see the beautiful night stars. There are also workshops, speakers, and activities at this event. Travelers of all ages will have a blast at this event in Acadia National Park, which lasts from the end of September and goes until early October.

Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular (Providence, RI)

Rhode Island’s Roger Williams Park Zoo is usually crowded. This statement will be especially true during September 30th-October 31st when the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular happens. There will be over 5,000 jack-o-lanterns passionately carved by professionals from Passion for Pumpkins. They make genuinely stunning work. People can walk through the zoo with a drink in hand to look at all the amazing creations. A few animals may even be out of their homes for viewers to see, as well. The combination of seeing skillfully carved pumpkins and adorable animals will make this event unforgettable.

National Apple Harvest Festival (Biglerville, PA)

Apple picking is the ultimate fall activity. For this reason, we’ve included the National Apple Harvest Festival on our 7 northeast events and festivals worth traveling to in 2022. The festival takes place in the beginning of October in the middle of apple country. Visitors can pick apples, take part in tastings, look at antique cars, handmade crafts, and children can go on pony rides. In 2017, the National Apple Harvest Festival was mentioned in Buzzfeed’s 14 Neat Fall Events article. So, even they know that this place is a hit!

Georgetown French Market (Washington, DC)

Another event that northeast visitors shouldn’t miss is the Georgetown French Market in Washington, DC. This event takes place in early October and has activities for the entire family. Several bands will play setlists that travelers can enjoy while munching on savory snacks. Many local restaurants put samples on display for visitors to try, and if they enjoy them enough, the samples may encourage travelers to visit these restaurants. Additionally, there are caricature artists and street performers.

Harvest on the Harbor (Portland, ME)

Maine has some of the most beautiful backdrops in the Northeast—especially in the fall. Anyone who wants to check out the views for themselves should attend the Harvest on the Harbor event in Portland, Maine. It takes place in the beginning of November. People can sample local food and spirits that showcase the state’s uniqueness. They can enjoy drinks from local breweries and eat oysters, which have a wonderfully memorable taste unlike anything they have experienced before. Their freshness will have visitors salivating for their entire trip and craving them when they leave.

We should all manifest positive vibes for 2022. Everyone deserves the chance to get out of their homes and enjoy the world. If this does become possible, travelers should consider attending one of these annual events or festivals in the Northeast. They’ll make incredible memories, see amazing sights and attractions, and eat delicious food. These events are worth traveling to, because event goers will remember them for a long time after.

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7 Northeast Events and Festivals Worth Traveling To in 2022